We do not recommend a nose surgery before the age of 16. Nose surgeries that are performed after the patient’s facial development is completed will give more accurate results.

The prices of rhinoplasty surgeries increase or decrease depending on whether it is the patient’s first operation or a revision, whether there is a deviation in the nose, whether there is a concha or not, and according to the skin type which affects the duration of the operation. Since minor nasal tip operations will take a shorter time, they may be cheaper, and in cases where there is not enough cartilage in revision procedures and cartilage reinforcement is required, prices may increase due to the increase in the operation time and difficulty level.

Having thick skin is not a problem, but it is a factor that complicates the operation. There are techniques applied to reshape the thin form of the cartilage at the tip of the nose. Op. Dr. Selim Turan has performed many successful operations with thick-skinned patients.

Thin-skinned nose does not cause a problem, but if the skin is very thin, it requires attention as it will show all the changes to be made under it, and cartilage can be added if necessary. Op. Dr. Selim Turan has performed many successful operations with thin skinned patients as well as thick skin.

The silicone nasal packings we use are taken off between 3 and 7 days, depending on the patient’s recovery speed. Cotton tampons that are used in the past could stick to the skin and during the healing process, caused bleeding while being removed. However, this problem is not experienced with the silicone and breathable nasal packings. With silicone nasal packings that are used today, nasal packing removal has become a very fast and painless procedure.

It should be 1 year after the previous rhinoplasty surgery. During this period, the edema caused by the operation will be completely gone, the operation will take its final shape and the evaluation will be made better, and if the patient is not satisfied with the nose shape or has difficulty breathing, revision surgery should be performed. After full recovery, if there are still the problems of asymmetry, curvature, drooping of the nasal tip, lower nose, higher than desired, difficulty in breathing, enlargement of the nasal concha, collapse due to excess cartilage removal from the patient in the previous procedure, excessive collapse on the nasal dorsum, excessively raised nose and aesthetic concerns, revision surgery may be required.

Thanks to the Piezo technique we use, swelling and bruises that may occur are minimized and heal quickly. With the recommendations of your doctor; Methods such as resting for the first few days after the surgery, applying ice on the first day, sleeping high with using a few pillows, and consuming plenty of water also accelerate the healing process. You can return to your daily life within seven to nine days after rhinoplasty surgery.


Bichectomy, also known as cheek thinning, is performed under local anesthesia to remove excess fat tissue in the cheek to create more distinct lines on the face. With bichectomy, cheekbones that appear obscure or very small comes into focus, and it is aimed to get rid of the appearance of an overweight or round face. With this procedure, an inverted triangle appearance is obtained between the cheekbones and the chin, and more attractive and youthful facial features are provided. Bichectomy is also a part of the Hollywood cheek operation. The difference between them is that in Hollywood cheek procedure, other parts of the face are also intervened.

Bichectomy is an extremely simple operation performed under local anesthesia. During the recovery period, antibiotics are given only for precautionary purposes. The incision area heals after about 1 week. Providing oral hygiene and applying doctor’s recommendations accelerate the healing process. During the recovery period, edema and swelling can be seen for 2-3 weeks, which is extremely normal.

In cases where the person gains weight, the fat accumulation in this area cannot be as much as before. The triangular facial appearance after bichectomy is quite permanent.

Fat Injection

Fat injection is the process of taking the excess fat from the patient and applying it to the needed parts of the face. It is applied to the forehead, chin and zygoma (cheek) areas. It is an application that provides quick recovery and does not cause discomfort to the patient.

The applied adipose tissue provides a permanence of 30-40% and provides a full and natural appearance to the area. It can be applied together with rhinoplasty surgery. Swelling and edema are significantly reduced in the first 4 weeks after surgery. In a few months, the treated area takes its final shape.

Botulinum Toxin

It is one of the most effective treatment methods to alleviate the mimic lines that occur and deepen by age and to prevent the recurrance. A type botulinum injection, which is named as botulinum toxin, is used to prevent muscle movements for a certain period of time, and lightens the forehead, between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes and neck lines that called as crow’s feet.

Botulinum Toxin, which starts to show its effects between four days and a week, completely settles within two weeks. Its effect lasts for 4-6 months depending on the amount used. Botulinum Toxin injection can be applied to patients of all ages starting from the age of 18.


Depending on the patient’s needs, the filler can be safely applied to many areas such as; lips, nose, under eyes, nasolabial folds, cheekbones. Lip augmentation injection is frequently preferred today and eliminate the asymmetrical appearance of the lips, providing a full, ideal appearance with the face. The filling process applied to the nasolabial lines provides a healthy, young and renewed appearance by filling the collapsed area that may make the patient look tired and old.

It is applied in cases where the cheekbones are flat in order to obtain a more prominent. protruding appearance that fits the face proportions.

New generation Hyaluronic acid-containing fillers eliminate both thin and deep wrinkles on the skin. It prevents wrinkles and sagging caused by the lack of collagen due to age or environmental factors. While ensuring that these areas gain volume, even if it melts over time, it increases the collagen and renews the skin, thus it creates a better quality skin structure than before.

The permanence period of new generation fillers which contains hyaluronic acid is 6-12 months. The duration of permanence varies according to the characteristics of the filler to be used and the skin type of the patient.

Thanks to its hyaluronic acid substance, even if the filler melts, the skin looks more vivid and younger than before, and  no deformation occurs.

Under-eye bags and black circles give the person a tired and unaesthetic appearance. Under-eye light filling, which is an extremely painless and short procedure, fills the gaps around these bags starting from the lower eyelids and expanding towards the cheeks, camouflages them and creates a radiant appearance under the eyes. It remains between 12-18 months.

Filler prices depend on the areas of the patient where filling should be applied, the selected filler material and the amount of filler required for the desired image.

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